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French Onion Soup Souffle

Not too long ago we added the French Onion Soup Souffle to our lunch menu and its been a real hit!  Some of you have even been asking for the recipe.  So, here it is!  Send me an email Onion Soup Souffle (brian@blueducktavernblog.com) if you try to make it at home.

French Onion Soup Souffle



1 cup milk

2 1/2 tbsp butter

3 tbsp flour

4 egg yolks

1 cup shredded Gruyere cheese

Egg Whites:

1 cup egg whites

1 1/2 tsp egg white powder

1/4 cup base

Building the Dish:

Parmesan cheese


3 to 4 0z onion soup

1 cruton

shredded Gruyere

egg white base mixture


Base: Make roux, add milk and simmer.  Pull from flame and temper in yolks. Blend in cheese.

Egg whites: Whip egg whites and powder to little more than medium peak.  Fold in 1/4 cup base.

Building the dish: Butter old, line with Parmesan, shaking out excess.  Add hot onion soup.  Place cruton on top of soup. Add a thin layer of Gruyere, top with egg whites and bake until golden brown.


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