Jochem Zijp, Assistant Restaurant Manager

Assistant Restaurant Manager, Jochem Zijp, was born in England but spent most his childhood living in Mauritania, in western Africa.  As a young child, he was fortunate to travel the world with his parents, immersing himself into various cultures and experiencing all different types of cuisine.  This is how his affinity for food and beverage began.  

Jochem started in the food industry at age 18.  Several years later, at age 22, he assisted with the  Jochem Zijp development of a new restaurant in Vancouver, British Columbia; but unfortunately, the financial banking never materialized and the restaurant did not open.  He then moved on to train under Geoffrey Hawes, Director of Toseki Entertainment, a large restaurant management company in Vancouver. 

In September 2006, he moved to France to complete a double masters degree in tourism and leisure management.  He returned to the United States in 2007.  In January 2008, he was part of the opening team of Bistro Poplar, a small neighborhood restaurant in Cambridge, Maryland and then moved to Park Hyatt Washington, in February 2008, as Assistant Food and Beverage Manager for the Lounge.


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